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Pinball FX: The Addams Family – The Pinball Chick Hurry-Up Review

With over one-hundred tables at launch, I have a lot of work to do to get Pinball FX’s content up. I also have to wait for my team to put their scores in. So, I’ve come up with the concept of a Hurry-Up Review. This is a quick look at the tables as the Vice Family plays them. And, what better table to experiment with this format than Addams Family? We’ve already reviewed the Arcooda version, which we awarded straight Masterpiece rankings for. Of course, that’s a premium priced build designed specifically for those with full-fledged digital tables. This is the version of Pinball FX that works on PlayStation, Xbox, and Epic Games (standard non-table view only), and will be updated when the full team’s scores are in.

We’ve also reviewed the standard Pinball Arcade build. The big news is that Angela and myself flipped our previous rankings from the standard Pinball Arcade build. She awarded that build Masterpiece status, while I said it was Great. It’s the opposite here. Angela dropped her ranking based on how bad the Thing Flips is at shooting. Yea, a real build isn’t completely accurate either. But, the Pinball FX version is an especially poor shot. It seems to be most accurate if you play in “Arcade” mode, which has a larger ball and feels more like Pinball Arcade. In Classic mode, I started ignoring the auto flipper and took to firing the ball myself. In Pro mode, the table is so steep and the ball moves so fast that the flipper doesn’t even shoot automatically. It’s a significantly more difficult shot to make in Pinball FX. Angela’s strategy of charging up the swamp shot and grinding-up her score (apparently the same strategy used by tournament players) was thrown out the door. It’s why Dash, who would inclined to rate Addams Family MASTERPIECE, dropped his score all the way down to GOOD. The left bat flipper desperately needs fixing. I prefer to shoot manually anyway, so it didn’t bother me. I’ve never been good at shooting it to begin with and prefer to work the doors for my score. Sorry, Sis, but your strategy is boring.

Christopher Lloyd needs them big bucks, so he’s once again absent from the table. The rest of the cast is here.

The big question for me was the magnets. I’ve been wondering how Zen Studios would handle it for a while now. My congratulations to them for NAILING it, as you can now easily overpower them with a trapped shot if you know the right angles for the Seance and Multiball. Yea, they’ll absolutely screw you sometimes, but, so the does the arcade table. While it does feel like a gotcha, I’ve always felt that it’s a gotcha in service to the table’s risk/reward balance. My father agrees with me, which is why he’s awarded Addams Family GREAT, a jump over his score of GOOD for the Pinball Arcade version. Oscar really didn’t like the floaty physics of that build. Those are gone now. Pinball FX isn’t a perfect platform by any means. Backhands are still a bit too hard, but otherwise, this has pretty dang solid physics. Oscar expects a full table-mode will jump to MASTERPIECE, and Angela thinks if a table mode makes it easier to shoot the Swamp, she’ll jump to MASTERPIECE as well. I’m already there. This is the best translation of Addams Family I’ve played that’s not designed specifically for high-end digital tables.

The right bat flipper is one of the hardest to clock in all of pinball. It feels very accurate here.

Addams Family is the definitive 90s pinball table. Multiple shots that are a cinch to drill into your muscle memory, like the Thing Scoop, the electric chair, the Lawlor Trail between the chair and the bumpers. BUT, the easiness ends there. Addams is a punishing table, but, it never stops being fun. I love how it’s a table that incorporates everything seamlessly into the natural flow of the game. I love how every single mode is intense and exciting, with not a stinker in the bunch EXCEPT maybe Cousin It, which is a weird shot and always has been. Otherwise, the modes are splendid. And, has there ever been a better wizard mode than Tour the Mansion? Addams Family feels more grand and super than any of the SuperPins. It’s this strange miracle of a table that I still can’t believe exists. It’s not like the movie was a huge hit, which is why it’s always so amusing to me that this became the biggest selling solid state table ever made. Imagine any other product tie-in for the 1991 Addams Family film becoming the best-seller EVER, of all-time. If the best selling action figure was Gomez in his smoking jacket, you’d be like “huh? How’d THAT happen?” With the pinball machine, it’s easy to understand how it became the biggest seller ever. It’s brutally difficult to learn, so players will have to keep pumping quarters into it, which makes arcade owners happy. BUT, once you get the hang of it, it’s still a beast, where a good game can turn on a dime. Hopefully this time, it’ll not be delisted again.

Angela: GREAT
Oscar: GREAT
Jordi: TBD
Dave: TBD
Dash: GOOD